dental cleaning month

Ever wonder what it’s like for your pet to experience a dental cleaning here at Linden Heights Animal Hospital? Let’s take a look!

Linden Dental Day

The day begins with check-in by our Client Relations Team. We will ask basic information and have you sign a release form.

Then it’s off to the Treatment Room for the day.

The Technician will then take your pet’s temperature, heart rate and respiratory. After logging this information, they will draw blood for pre-operative blood work. We have in-house lab machines in order to get immediate results.

The next step is placing a catheter, pre anesthetic medication, intubation and anesthesia induction.

Linden Dental Day

Next is applying eye lube and putting socks on our patient to help in maintaining body temperature. Dental radiographs are taken so we can see if there are any issues below the gum line.

While the doctor is reviewing the radiographs, the technician begins to scale the teeth.

Linden Dental Day

Once it’s established if extractions are needed, the doctor will apply a local anesthetic to the gum and extract the tooth.

The last step in the procedure is polishing the teeth to sparkle!

Linden Dental Day

About 1 hour post-op, our patient is awake, alert and in recovery. The doctor will then call you as the pet parent and report on details of the procedure. Mid- afternoon, your pet will receive a yummy snack. The dental procedures usually go home after 4pm. The only exception would be if the doctor wants to observe your pet a bit longer.

If your pet had any extractions during the procedure, we like to follow up 7-10 days later to make sure the mouth is fully healed.