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  • Pet Safety During Thanksgiving

Pet Safety During Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and food. However, Thanksgiving is also a time for hidden dangers for your furry friends. Here are some tips for keeping your pets safe during the holiday season. [...]

Pet Safety During Thanksgiving2020-05-27T20:17:51+00:00
  • Halloween

Keep Your Pets Safe on Halloween


Halloween can be a fun time for families and their pets. However, if safety precautions aren’t taken, it can also be a dangerous time for our four-legged animals. Here are some life-saving tips that can help protect your [...]

Keep Your Pets Safe on Halloween2020-05-21T19:59:16+00:00
  • Autumn Dog

Fall Is Here, Is Your Dog Ready?


Fall has arrived, and that means colder weather is just around the corner. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has issued several tips to keep dogs safe as temperatures begin to drop and [...]

Fall Is Here, Is Your Dog Ready?2020-05-20T21:19:24+00:00
  • Itching in Pets

Itching in Pets


Hot spots are reddish sores that can appear on irritated skin. These along with excessive scratching, licking, chewing and scabs are often a sign of underlying issues.  Some common causes include poor grooming, external parasites, infections, anal gland [...]

Itching in Pets2020-05-21T19:56:47+00:00
  • Greener Home for Pets

A Cleaner, Greener Home for Your Pets


Find out some ways to make your home cleaner and greener for your pets! Go green! Conservationists everywhere tout the benefits of living a “green” life. Being environmentally responsible is healthier for the planet, for us, and for [...]

A Cleaner, Greener Home for Your Pets2020-05-21T17:58:27+00:00
  • Cat brushing Teeth

Brushing Teeth in Cats


Are your feline's teeth in need of some tender loving care? Learn how to take care of your cat's smile. When should I brush my cat's teeth? Like us, cats need daily dental care to [...]

Brushing Teeth in Cats2020-05-20T21:09:37+00:00
  • Torn Foot Pads

First Aid for Torn Footpads in Cats


Your feline's footpads are very important. Find out how to take care of them if they get injured. Although lowly in position, your cat’s feet occupy a top spot in importance. How can a cat navigate the world without [...]

First Aid for Torn Footpads in Cats2020-05-20T21:21:54+00:00
  • Intro to Fleas

Intro to Fleas


The flea has a long documented history. Its ancestors fed on dinosaurs, and it was first illustrated in 1665! Fast forward a few hundred years, and we’ve got all the facts to find, prevent, and treat these creepy [...]

Intro to Fleas2020-05-21T19:53:10+00:00
  • Pet Emergency Kit

Pet Emergency Kit


Since you never know when an accident will happen, keeping a pet emergency kit at your home is a good idea. You can put a first aid kit together yourself and buy the items separately, or buy one [...]

Pet Emergency Kit2019-10-02T14:17:26+00:00