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In the News

  • Food Recall

Recall of Sportmix Brand Pet Foods

Recently the FDA announced that Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc has issued a recall of Sportmix brand pet foods due to potentially elevated levels of aflatoxin. The recall, first announced on December 30, 2020,  includes all pet food products containing corn that were manufactured in the company’s Oklahoma plant and have an expiration date on or before July 9, 2022. The recall, which affects more than 1000 lot codes, follows [...]

  • PUPS Act

PUPS Act Introduced in Congress

The Permanently Uniting Pets Stateside (PUPS) Act would allow an animal arriving with a U.S. citizen or resident to enter the country without regard to the Centers for Disease Control or U.S. Department of Agriculture requirements concerning pets if the owner agrees to comply with those requirements as soon as practicable. The PUPS Act is crucial to help pet-lovers navigate public health emergencies like the coronavirus pandemic and has [...]

  • cat pumpkins

Halloween pet safety tips

Learn more about some great Halloween safety tips! Stay Indoors High traffic can upset your pet. Keep your pets secure inside. Costumes Are Optional Ensure costumes are comfortable with no small pieces that can be bitten off and choked on. No Candy For Pets Keep candy away from your pet, especially chocolate. Keep Your Pet Identified Some pets can run away due to stress. [...]

  • Senior Dog

Signs to Watch for in your Senior Pet

Learn more about the signs you should look out for with your senior pet. Keep track and report any signs to us immediately before they become serious. Just not acting like himself/herself Interacting less often with family Responding less often or less enthusiastically Showing changes in behavior/activity level Having difficulty climbing stairs Having difficulty jumping Exhibiting increased stiffness or limping Drinking more often Urinating [...]

  • Our Official COVID-19 Statement

Our Official COVID-19 Statement: 08/30/20

Dear Clients: As an "Essential Service" of the Healthcare Sector we are open and fully operating to provide care for your pet. To assist you in these challenging times, and with the help of a partner, we are happy to offer 12 months, 0% terms on services over $200. To help our colleagues in human medicine fight the COVID-19 outbreak we have donated supplies to [...]

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