• Pet Medication

3 Dangerous Mistakes To Refrain Making With Your Pet’s Medication

Even though everyone knows that they should follow the doctor’s instructions when it comes to medication, unfortunately, frugality makes most of us unable to get rid of the something. Why throw it away, when there is a chance those pills would come in handy in the future? With respect to medication – regardless of whether it’s for you or your beloved four-legged companion – the rule of thumb dictates that [...]

  • pet poison prevention awareness month

Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month

The following is a quick reference guide to the more common house and garden plants as well as foods that are toxic to most animals.  If you have these plants or foods, you need not dispose of them – just keep them away from pets and children! TOXIC PLANTS AND FOODS Here is a quick reference guide to the more common house and garden plants [...]

  • Dog Microchip

Why Should Pet Owners Consider Microchipping?

Pet lovers know very well how heartbreaking it can be when your pet goes missing. The best chance you have at finding them is to make sure that they have identification tags on them or if you are lucky, they have marks that make them distinct when compared to other pets of the same breed and species. It is sad to note though that many pet owners have [...]

  • Pet Ear Cleaning

How to Clean Your Pet’s Ears

You’ll know it’s time to clean your pet’s ears if they’re frequently shaking their head, scratching their ears, if you see gunk or discharge, or even if their ears just smell funky. Cleaning your pet’s ears is an important part of pet hygiene that helps protect them from infection and hearing loss. Here are our tips to make cleaning your pet's ears a success: Don't Use: Water Vinegar [...]

  • Medication for Cats

Administering Medication To Cats

Perhaps with the exception of nail clipping, administering medication to your cat is probably the biggest challenge you’ll ever face in taking care of your feline friend. You know that the pills are mandatory for the health and well being of your cat, but unfortunately, Mr. Destroyer of Antique Furniture will object. Oftentimes, his arguments come in the form of sharp retractable claws and canines inserted deeply in whatever part [...]

  • Cat Crate

Tips For Traveling Long Distance With Your Cats

When you decide to go on a road trip or vacation, you have to decide what to do with your pets. Most pet owners feel guilty about leaving their furry friends behind, especially when they consider them part of the family! There are some options including getting a pet sitter or using boarding facilities, but some people prefer traveling with their pets. If you do decide to take [...]

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