Linden Heights Animal Hospital

274 Linden Drive
Winchester, VA 22601


- Pet wellness examinations

- Immunizations

- Internal and external parasite control

- Complete dental care

- State-of-the-art clinical laboratory

- Microchip permanent pet identification

- Ovulation timing

- Artificial insemination

- Semen analysis

- Certified PennHIP member

- Geriatric examinations & management

- Boarding

Nicole Crosen, L.V.T, holding a chameleon for an exam.Exotics:  General exams, vaccines, client education on husbandry, as well as medical and surgical care for ferrets, rabbits, small pocket pets (i.e. guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, gerbils, hedgehogs, etc.), reptiles (nonvenomous), and avian patients.  Comprehensive bloodwork, radiographs and ultrasound for exotics as well as adrenal disease hormone panels for ferrets.  Surgical treatment for ferret adrenal disease and insulinomas.  Ovariohysterectomy (spay) and castration services for rabbits.

PennHIP and OFA Certification:  PennHIP is a screening and certification program with superior detection for canine hip dysplasia as early as 4 months compared to OFA standards which are more broadly recognized but require a minimum certification age of 2 years.  Both require anesthesia/sedation to obtain required radiographic specification.

Reproductive Services:  Pre-breeding screening including Brucella testing, vaginal cytology and progesterone levels for timing of breeding, artificial insemination, pregnancy confirmation and monitoring with ultrasound and abdominal radiographs, as well as caesarean surgery and neonatal care.