Linden Heights Animal Hospital

274 Linden Drive
Winchester, VA 22601



Wildlife Habitat AreaLinden Heights Animal Hospital has joined the ranks of thousands of wildlife enthusiasts across the country. By providing the essential elements for a healthy and sustainable wildlife habitat, we have become a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat. Under the auspices of Doctor Joe and our office manager, Susie, food sources, water sources, cover, places to raise young and sustainable gardening practices have been employed to qualify our grounds for this important distinction. Official Backyard Wildlife Habitat Sign

It's not hard to do, and if each of us does our small part, Winchester and the world can be a greener and better place. More information about the certified habitat program is available on the National Wildlife website at .  We feel that we should be good stewards of the planet around us. As veterinarians we care for many pets, but we are also inclined and pleased to take a slightly more passive roll in simply providing a good environment for Mother Nature and the rest of her family. It is our sincere hope that you too would take the few easy steps to become a N.W.F. Certified Wildlife Habitat.

Recycling is another way that we at Linden Heights Animal Hospital can reduce our impact on the environment.  At our hospital we have implemented programs to recycle plastic, cardboard/paper, cans and glass.

For more information on how you can lessen your environmental impact by recycling contact your local city or county Public Works Department.