Linden Heights Animal Hospital

274 Linden Drive
Winchester, VA 22601


Referral Services

Any good doctor knows you can't always do it alone.  Only by being part of a well-integrated and broad ranging team of general practicioners and board-certified specialists can the very best and most advanced medical and surgical care be accomplished.  We have close communication and frequent referrals to many excellent board-certified specialists in the nearby area when patients have special needs. 

Veterinary Surgical Center (VSC):  The board-certified surgeons of the VSC travel to Winchester twice weekly for more specialized procedures such as TPLO cruciate repair, pelvic fractures, and advanced orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries.

Radiocat:  Radiation therapy for permanent thyroid correction without lifelong medication or surgical removal of the gland.  Completed in 4 days without any anesthesia or significant side effects.

CT/MRI scans: At the Life Center in Leesburg and Iams Imaging Center in Northern Virginia- particularly useful for evaluating sinus, nasal, and spinal disease, aas well as evaluating questionable cancers for surgical removal and involvement in local tissues.

Bush Veterinary Neurology Service (BVNS):  Dr. Bush, a board-certified neurologist in Leesburg, for intervertebral disk surgery to alleviate ruptured disk material in the spinal canal as well as other general neurological referrals.

Ophthalmology:  Several area board-certified opthalmologists for specialty procedures such as glaucoma surgery, and cataract phacoemulsification.

Radiation Therapy:  Two referral centers in the northern Virginia area for radiation therapy referral for responsive conditions (i.e. following incomplete mast cell tumor removal and mediastinal lymphoma in cats)

Cardiology:  Dr. Tyrell in Leesburg, a board-certified cardiologist, for breeding certifcation, screening for early congenital heart disease, guiding therapy for more advanced cardiac cases diagnosed and/or treated at LHAH, or cases owners prefer a board-certified appoinment over in-house evaluation, PDA coil implantation, balloon valvoplasty for pulmonic stenosis, and other advanced cardiac services.

Additional board-certified referrals available for Dermatology, Dentistry, and Internal Medicine.