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Referral Providers

Any good doctor knows you can’t always do it alone. Only by being part of a well-integrated and broad-ranging team of general practitioners and board-certified specialists can the best and most advanced medical and surgical care be accomplished. We have close communication and frequent referrals to many excellent board-certified specialists nearby when patients have special needs.

Veterinary Surgical Center (VSC):

The board-certified surgeons of the VSC travel to Winchester twice weekly for more specialized procedures such as TPLO cruciate repair, pelvic fractures, and advanced orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries.


Radiation therapy for permanent thyroid correction without lifelong medication or surgical removal of the gland.  Completed in 4 days without any anesthesia or significant side effects.

CT/MRI scans:

These scans done at the LifeCentre in Leesburg and Iams Imaging Center in Northern Virginia are particularly useful for evaluating sinus, nasal, and spinal disease, as well as evaluating questionable cancers for surgical removal and involvement in local tissues.

Bush Veterinary Neurology Service (BVNS):

Dr. Bush is a board-certified neurologist in Leesburg who performs intervertebral disk surgery to alleviate ruptured disk material in the spinal canal as well as other general neurological services.


Several board-certified veterinary ophthalmologists are available in our area for specialty procedures such as glaucoma surgery and cataract phacoemulsification.

Radiation Therapy:

There are two referral centers in the northern Virginia area that we can utilize for radiation therapy referral for responsive conditions (i.e., following incomplete mast cell tumor removal and mediastinal lymphoma in cats).


Dr. Tyrell in Leesburg is a board-certified veterinary cardiologist who is available for consultations and advanced cardiac services.

Additional board-certified referrals are available for Dermatology, Dentistry, and Internal Medicine. 

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